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ArthurxZephyr by silvererros ArthurxZephyr by silvererros
Figured since this little speed draw is finished anyway, I might as well introduce you to my current gaybies! Drew this to test my tablet for it's problem.

Meet Arthur (mister all white, prim and proper there), and his watchful knight, Zephyr (mister tall, tan and handsome).
This is my first time drawing these two, so their looks will become more finalized as time goes on.

Arthur Phagan Bellerose, 5'7", 145 lbs, heir to the Bellerose fortune and CEO of his father's manufacturing company. Arthur lives in a high class society where social standing his based on color. The majority of the upper class is fair skinned, but certain families have certain colors. Arthur's family is among the highest standing, their color being grey/silver, as the closer to white the color is, the more pure they are considered and the more famous they become. Arthur is the rarest of his society, not only because he is as white as anyone can get, but also because he is the tallest member of the upper class. Due to these rarities, he is highly sought after and has a high reputation to uphold.
Too bad for most of society, however, that he has no interest in doing what he's told, attending parties or even women. He'd rather work everyday, all day, and have no social interaction at all. He finds women annoying to talk to as high society women mainly just want to talk about themselves and usually only marry for status gains, which he could care less about.
He hates his step-father, mainly because he's suspicious of him and he has a tendency to volunteer Arthur for events without his consent. Julianus Artesian Bellerose took on the family name after marrying Arthur's sickly mother, Ilysvana, not long after his father had died. He'd barely heard of Julian when the wedding had suddenly sprung up without notice. Due to this, Arthur is highly suspicious of him and refuses to call him his father, or even by his full name.

Zephyr, 6'0", 195 lbs, lower class worker. Zephyr was born in a village miles away from the city walls. There, he helped his parents and 3 younger siblings in day to day life, gathering food, washing clothes, tending the gardens, etc. He, too, grew up in a society that had expectations of him, but he just never quite fit the mold that he was expected to fit. After a failed arranged engagement with his best friend, he decided to find another way to help his village and set off on a journey to the city. There, he started training to be a servant for one of the many upper class estates.
During his training, he was specifically selected as a candidate for "knighthood," which is really just a fancy term for a personal bodyguard, by Julian himself. He was brought before his future ward and master, Arthur, who was skeptical about having a bodyguard in the first place. Still, Arthur decided to give him a trial period of one month during which he would judge whether Zephyr was fit for the job.
In the course of that month, Arthur became extremely attached to his guard, even going as far as to defend his actions and cut his trial period short so he could hire him on full-time. Zephyr was given explicit permissions to be more himself and to follow only Arthur's orders, rather than serve as a general servant to all on the estate.

Needless to say, their fondness of each other eventually extends beyond friendship and turns into something more rather quickly.

I'm gonna stop there before I basically just post the whole story. XD Anyway, there will be more images of these guys to come in the future. Not sure when, but still!
KenzyKoo Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Oooo~ they are pretty pretty gaybies~ xD
silvererros Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
lol Aren't they though? >w<
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