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So I messed with my tablet a bit, and found that the tablet itself is not at fault. It's the pen!

Up in the cavity of the pen is a button that the pen nib presses against to tell the tablet that something has been clicked or that so much pressure is being applied. Well, apparently it can get stuck sometimes. In my case, though, my toddler had taken my pen and dipped it in a glass of milk. My husband did his best to get it clean, but I'm thinking not all of the milk was cleaned out and it dried, making this button much tackier than it had been.

Hence why my pen seems to think I'm clicking and dragging things or might not even sense the pen at all.

So this may be fixable!
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  • Reading: The Demons Within by KenzyKoo
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So, my still quite new drawing tablet that I've had for almost 3 months is malfunctioning. It had occasionally been causing me problems before, but usually I could fix it.

However, since my daughter dumped milk on it a couple days ago, that minor occasional problem is now a constant problem that doesn't seem to want to go away. So, until I get this problem with my tablet figured out, digital drawings will have to be put on pause. I'll still be drawing! Just not on my laptop. It'll have to be paper and pencil, for a while.

Figured I'd let you guys know what's up.
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So, yeah...we changed our minds. :T
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A quick video to explain what's going on. Sorry it's so dark. XP
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  • Reading: The Demons Within by KenzyKoo
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Hello guys! Figured it was time to put up a new journal, and what better a journal to do than one on my current progress?


You all know by now that I've been doing artwork for KenzyKoo's "The Demons Within" lately, but have slowed down a bit since I initially started. Simply put, I slowed down because I needed a chance to plan out the next sets before moving ahead. Most of them have a LOT more going on, and we even have Felix and Ken, now, to include. (Which reminds me, quick note to self: adjust Felix's height in the Ch.4 image) I'll also need to sit down and draw up certain characters for future images, such as the beloathed Chad, Mark and Jack's moms who will probably look somewhat different from their actual mothers (since I don't know what Jack's actual mother looks like, and the women in this fanfic are crazy anyway lol), War and Death without their cloak and armor (they need to look super sexy!), and a few others.
I've also been drawing some rough ROUGH sketches for Ch. 9 as it is the first on my list that will be getting a comic for the chapter, rather than just an image or two; a couple images to sum up the chapter just didn't seem like enough, to me, so a full chapter comic is going to be made. Depending on how long Ch. 9 takes, I'll either be releasing one page at a time, or I'll move on to the next chapters until I can sit down, do all of 9, and post it all at once. Honestly, the former is more likely, but ya never know.
Besides that, I've also just had family wanting me to visit and a few frustrating matters to deal with.
But I am still working on them! It's just going a lot slower than the start, is all.


I've been trying to work on a few personal pieces, lately, as well. Certain ones I'm hesitant to put work-in-progress images on, NOT because they're anything explicit (I wouldn't post those here, to be honest), but because I get this feeling if I did that someone would take it, finish it themselves, and then claim it as theirs. I know, a silly fear, but considering I know it does happen, I don't like taking the risk.
Some of these are actually almost done, I just ended up taking time away from them for a bit. You'll hopefully see them soon though!


Every now and again I take requests to help get myself past artist block. It's not often, but when I do, I usually only take so many and ask that whomever makes a request be patient. As the mother of an 18 month old, I don't always get a lot of time to spend on my art.
So, I'm opening it up to take on 5 requests. Yeah, I know, small number, but remember the time thing.
So, is there anything you guys would like to see me draw? Let me know in the comments on this journal. First 5, if they don't repeat too bad, will be put on the list and will be worked on one at a time depending on which one comes first.
Yes, Septiplier is allowed (within reason, please, DA has rules about certain mature content.) You can also ask me to draw something I haven't drawn before here (such as Steven Universe, Sherlock, Overwatch, etc.) Whatever it is, I'll do my best! Although I will try to keep them small for time sake.


In all seriousness, though, I’m so flippin’ excited right now, you have no idea!
cartoonjunkie​ finally posted the top 10 entries of her contest, and I’m both speechless and overjoyed to see my entry in the video.

I thought, for sure, that it would get lost in the sea of entries or that it just wouldn’t be a winner.  I watched the whole video thinking, "I'm not in there...there's no way I'm in there...nah, I'm not in there..." and then it was right there at the end. I've never been so excited to see my art pop up on someone else's screen before now. I am so glad you liked it CJ! Your reactions to it are so amazing to me! As an artist, I’m sure you know, when we put out artwork out there for others, we don’t exactly get to see the reactions to it. Quite often, I feel like I’m just throwing stuff on a wall and hope someone sees it in passing; I don’t get very many comments or faves on my DeviantArt, so I don’t know if what I’m doing works or if it doesn’t. Not that I mind too much, I do what I do because I enjoy it, but sometimes it’s nice to see someone smile at my work. I put a lot into my artwork that I don’t often think gets noticed.
But...oh my gosh, I smiled so big and I threw my hands in the air! I had to pause so I could get my excitement out and hear what all you liked about it; woke my husband in the process, too, ‘cause I couldn’t stop giggling, I was so happy.
So all I have to say is THANK YOU! So much!
And great job to ALL of the wonderful artists who contributed! So many of those images I want to hunt down and like, fave, and gush over!
And I apologize for gushing so much, I just didn’t expect the results, at all!

WHEW! Time to calm down, gotta go draw some more <3

1. Tell you something I learned about you in the first 10 seconds of viewing your DA page.

2. Tell you something I like about your work.

3. Tell you what my favorite work of yours is and why. 

4. Tell you what animal you remind me of.

5. Tell you a color you remind me of.

6. Tell you a nickname I think suits you. 

7. Tell you which fandom I don't think you're in but should be in.

8. Tell you something random about myself. 

9. Tell you what am I watching/listening to right now.

10. Tell you to do this in your journal too, if you haven't already.
So, despite being sick most of the weekend, I managed to find some free screen capture programs and video editing programs in order to get started on making YouTube videos again. My original content was mainly random stuff when I would occasionally cosplay in High School and a short period of vlogs from when I'd started college, but it's been years since I've done anything and I really want to nail down a goal for my channel. I'm tired of having one and not using it for anything other than subscribing to others. For now, my videos will be time-lapse videos of my drawing on occasion. I hope to try various other types, such as analysis videos, let's plays, and such to see what fits for me; again, I'm not sure what exactly I want to do with my channel. All I know is that, for now, whatever I do it's just for fun right now. There's no money in it for me, I'm starting fresh as is, so the time between videos will probably vary here and there. I have two new videos posted already, if anyone is interested in the drawing processes of each:

On another note, I have a few drawing projects I'll be working on for a bit.

One will be doing some fan-art pieces for a fanfiction I've been reading as of late, called "The Demons Within" by KenzyKoo. It's a fanfiction about how Darkiplier and Anti came to be (yes, it's Septiplier). I've found the story VERY entertaining to read, so far, and I'm highly looking forward to future chapters as it goes on. I plan to draw at least a few drawings for each chapter, highlighting certain moments within each chapter. I've made a list and, so far, at least one chapter is going to get a comic strip just because I CAN'T PICK A SPECIFIC MOMENT TO DRAW, IT'S SO COOL! XD If you haven't read "The Demons Within," I recommend looking it up or checking out KenzyKoo's gallery. It's currently an ongoing story, and if you're anything like me, you'll probably binge-read it and end up catching up to where she is now. Highly recommend if you like dark Septiplier stories and are looking for a good read.

My other project will be working on an old webcomic that dez-la-neko and I started years ago but didn't finish due to time restraints at the time. We were both in college when it started, so classes and homework tended to take priority, as well as my drawing style was going through some weird developments making everything seem a bit stiff. So, soon, that will be up and running again and we might be able to actually start re-posting pages again on Smackjeeves.
This comic is, or was (we might re-title it), "A Place of Our Own," an original story created by dez-la-neko and I through a role-play we started playing in college. It follows Sin and Kazushi as they first meet, fall in love, and try desperately to find their place in life while also running and hiding from various dangers, including those within themselves.
Yes, it's a yaoi. Yes, it "technically" has furries in it. All characters are original creations of ours, and we love these characters to death! We've worked hard on their story, even bringing ourselves to tears while writing certain key events, and we want desperately to share their story with you guys. So, hopefully, we'll be able to start uploading pages on this again by the start of the summer at the latest. My plan is to draw several pages before we start posting in order to create a bit of a buffer. This way, we can post what's already been done on a reasonable time frame while I continue to work on pages. This SHOULD mean that the comic will never catch up with me, if we do it right, and that way updates can be continuous without having to stop for large periods of time unless for some reason we're busy for the holidays.

I have another comic I'd like to work on at some point, though it might be slower going as the story is not fully written as of yet. It's a personal project I started in High School that I still have plans for, I just haven't had time to work on it. You've seen a few of my drawings for it anytime you've seen an angel character, usually with odd colored hair. As I'm still working on the story, this will probably be in the writing stage for quite some time until I feel comfortable enough to start drawing pages for it. My husband is a much better writer than I am, so he will more than likely look over that periodically and give me pointers for the story, as well as do grammar checks and such.

Besides drawing projects, I do hope to start making and selling dragon plushies again, as well as add new items to my Etsy shop.

Anywho, for now, that's my general update on happenings on my end.
Someday, I would like to have a good screen capture program so I can do streams and just draw requests as I get them. Maybe post on YouTube; I have an account, I should use it.

EDIT: Actually managed to find some free programs to get me started. It's not the best, but it is something. Now to figure out what to do.
Hey everyone!

I realized it's been several months since I updated, so I figured it was about time.

For a couple months right after my last journal, my mood declined significantly to the point that it was starting to worry my husband greatly. He feared if things continue, I might do something drastic. That being said, I ended up having to speak with my doctor and was found to be clinically depressed.
Not long after getting my medication, I then got a job working nights. I worked there about 3 months and found that it didn't seem to help my problem to be working there. It put more strain on my family and myself. I ended up quitting and have been doing my best to get back on track. I've been happier than I was all year and am back on way to being myself.
Hence my long absence.
I've still been trying to draw, even if it's just quick doodles. I have a new laptop, as well, so I'm able to do digital work more effectively now.

I look forward to being more active on the site again.

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Nope, I'm not dead. I'll keep this brief, though, since I'm exhausted.

I had a wonderful holiday season last December and was actually kinda happy when it ended that there were deviants who'd wanted to talk to me while I was away. Never be afraid to send me a note, guys; I love hearing from you. If I AM busy, I can always read your note and respond the next time I'm on.
Once the new year started, however, things started going downhill. My husband's workplace had a mass layoff mid-January, among which he was one of the people laid off. Many industrial companies in our area have been doing layoffs thanks to the lack of work they have coming in anymore. We started filling out paperwork for aid and looking into moving in with family temporarily till we could get on our feet again. During and right after the move, a slew of other problems occurred, including paperwork troubles with medical bills and my grandmother's death. Not to mention the battery of my laptop needing replaced.
We've only just gotten settled in, now, and my little girl's almost 6 months old. All is generally good, though. We're happy, healthy, and better off for now than we were there right at the end.

Anyway, figured I'd let you know why I've been so inactive lately. Everyone take care!
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Because questions have popped up about it lately, I am currently accepting commissions till the end of the month. I accept commissions during the last 3 weeks of every month, at current, giving myself the first week off to work on orders or just take a break and focus on home. If you would like to commission me, feel free to send me a note here, or visit my shop on Etsy:…
If you don't see a listing that fits what you're looking for, DO feel free to ask me about it here or on Etsy. It may be that your listing was recently purchased and just needs relisted, but I am willing to try other types of commission as long as it's within my ability to do. I'm trying to get my shop off the ground and help pay bills, so any help is appreciated. :3

My next commission periods will be as follows, so if you can't order now, there are plenty of opportunities:

October 5th, 2015 11:59pm US Central - October 30th, 2015 11:59pm US Central
November 7th, 2015 11:59pm US Central - November 28th, 2015 11:59pm US Central
December 5th, 2015 11:59pm US Central - December 20th, 2015 11:59pm US Central
January 2nd, 2015 11:59pm US Central - January 30th, 2015 11:59pm US Central

Please note, my commission period for December is shorter due to the holidays; my family will be doing a lot of visiting in those last couple weeks of the year. Also, this is just my current schedule that's already set. There will be more set in the future.
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As of August 31st, 2015, I am officially a mother! She's a month old today and doing very well. :3 Thank you, everyone, for all of the well wishes and congrats.

On another note, I am currently accepting a few small commissions, if anyone is interested. Feel free to send me a note.
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To keep everyone up to date.

Currently I'm in my final weeks of pregnancy and early labor has already started. To be clear, this does not mean I'm in the hospital as we speak. This means that I'm experiencing contractions that increase in frequency and strength leading up to active labor; once active labor begins, contractions will be too strong to ignore and I will have to be in the hospital at that time. For now, I'm in more of a preparation stage, if you will, which tells me I don't have much longer before my daughter arrives. WHEN she arrives is up to her, however, so I could be in early labor anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks before she's born. The day I go to the hospital, whenever that may be, I will probably be completely inactive that day and for a couple days after or so, depending on how things go during recovery. When I'm able to get back online, I'll post an announcement about her arrival and probably post some pony art the same day about it.

Your support through all of this has been wonderful, so far, and I thank you all for the well wishes and congratulations I've received up till now. You guys are great!

Art posts will continue again hopefully within the next month, more than likely after my daughter's born. This is mostly due to the fact that during this final month of pregnancy, I've found myself sleeping much more than anything else. This has made drawing difficult due to such increased sleep habits, but I'm hoping to return to normal sleep habits soon, depending on how things go. I've doodled here and there, but nothing solid enough to post lately.

Commissions will, hopefully, be able to start back up in October, just in time to do some Halloween inspired work.

I am also HOPING to have some Halloween inspired dragon plushies made to sell by the end of October. I have designs made but have yet to start any sewing since I've only just gotten access to my sewing machine again. I am excited about the designs for these dragons - Halloween being my favorite holiday - and really look forward to working on them. They will be the most complicated looking dragon plushies I've made so far, since each design has it's own quirks that I will have to figure out. This MAY also be the first time that I will be making large versions of these poseable dragons, which are even more detailed than their small and medium counterparts that I have usually made. The large variations will include scale mail in their designs, as well as possibly sculpted heads with hinged jaws and more detailed feet with claws to make them even more poseable.

This means, of course, that these large versions will also be the most expensive things I'll be trying to sell this time around, if I can get them done on time. If they don't sell this year, they will be put back up next year either during a summer sale or again during the holiday week they were originally selling during previously. This same idea applies to any other holiday themed dragons I might make over the next year, including Valentine's, Christmas, Easter, and others.

My plan is to take the next year as a year of upscaling and improvement for my shop. I want to have more dragons made, do more commissions, and get my shop up and running enough to actually be considered as self-employed so I can help my husband with paying our bills, as well as to help me feel more useful at home while he's at work. I also want to be able to give you guys my best and show you all what I can do, either with plushies or paintings, digital drawings or physical ones. Expanding my shop to sell more and get more exposure is going to take time, effort, and support, but I hope that this next year will really turn things around.

I hope you guys will continue to support me through these changes and that you're all having a good day. :)
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Quick update!

I'm nearly 8 months pregnant now and doing fine. Got a lot of preparation left, but we're getting there! Nursery is about finished, got to do a few last things for the hospital, otherwise I'm just getting through all of my appointments up until my due date.

My Etsy is currently closed until October, so I will not be accepting commissions until then. I plan to have some premade plushies ready by that time if I'm not too tired from having my daughter. Keep a look out, as I'll have Halloween themed dragons up by that point.

I have some more sketches I'll be putting up soon, and a small comic in the works of an episode of MLP: Love is Eternal that we played through a couple weeks ago. They'll be posted as I can get to them.
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Figured an update was due, since I haven't said anything since I first found out I was pregnant.

So, speaking of pregnancy, I'm almost 6 months along now. I'm due on September 3, although with all pregnancies, it could be up to 2 weeks early or 2 weeks late. So the due date range is basically anywhere from mid August to mid September, Sept. 3rd putting right at 9 months. I'm having a girl, and my husband and I are very excited since she's our first child. So far, all tests have come back saying she's healthy with no problems and progressing as she should. Being as far along as I am, though, I find myself feeling tired pretty much every time she's awake, so understandably I'm not on as much as I'd like to be or even drawing as much as I used to. I have, however, started a series of sketches of my original pony, Silver, and my husband's pony, Daemon, going through a pregnancy of their own while my husband and I work through ours. I hope you guys enjoy that while I work through everything.

At current, I am considering postponing the reopening of my Etsy shop, where I sold some dragon plushies over a year ago. I am due to open back up in early to mid June, but with the pregnancy and other projects I'm working on, I don't really have the time at the moment, nor can I even reach my sewing machine (the craft room is currently FULL of baby furniture and needs to be organized and converted into a nursery.) So I'm debating either reopening later in the year (after the baby is born and we've settled into a routine) or postponing for a whole year more (till May or June of 2016.) With very little to sell right now, I'd hate to reopen my store just to have nothing in stock for anyone to buy.

I've found that opening commissions here on DA doesn't really seem to get me anywhere. I try to price things fairly enough for other people, but still keep it so that I'm getting something out of it in return (you're all artists, you know how much time, energy, and materials go into art.) Perhaps I'm not getting enough exposure; I'm honestly not sure. If anyone has any tips on how to get commissions on DA, please let me know.

Other than that, life's been quite peaceful on my end. There's been a couple house repairs needed, and appointments I've had to go to, but generally pretty quiet. I hope everything's going well with all of you and that you're enjoying Memorial day, or whatever other day you celebrate today, with family and friends.
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So I know some requests are very late and others have sketches up but not a finished product. I have not been feeling well AT ALL over the last 3 weeks or more, so I had trouble getting anywhere with everything since I was usually bed-ridden or hanging my head over a toilet.
HOWEVER, I've finally looked into it and found that it was not the flu, it was not a stomach bug, and it was not dehydration like I had last year.
I am, in fact, pregnant! 13 weeks along, to be exact. I had a test done last week at a clinic, to be sure, and it came out positive. The rest of my week last week was doctors appointments day after day to get me started on check-ups, see how the baby's doing (which all is healthy and as it should be), get blood work done, and figure out how far along I am. Not to mention dealing with the shock of it all, since I wasn't expecting it!
Good thing is, I'm on the latter end of all the early symptoms, including nausea, so every day I'm feeling better than I was before. I'll be back to working on artwork again this week, especially since I have no more appointments for a month. I've even started painting again which is the first I've done since I finished college in 2013.
So if you're waiting for a finished piece, don't worry, I'm on it! Just figured I'd let you guys know why they're late getting to you. Certain ones shouldn't take long; others are a bit more detailed and need worked on a little longer. So just be patient and I'll get them to you as soon as possible. With my no longer feeling sick every hour of every day, they shouldn't take me much longer.
I do apologize, again, for them taking this long. Normally I'd have had them done by now and up, and I'd be working on some other things.
Thank you all for being so patient with me!
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    I'm finally feeling better and making some changes. After the current requests that I have received already, I will no longer be doing requests. My intention is NOT to scare anyone away, and I hope I don't! D: I've just hit a point where I need to actually start earning money through my art, as the current job market is slim; I've been applying for jobs for over a year and are still unemployed. :( I hate leaving all the pressure from the bills on my husband.
    So, I will now be accepting commissions for February. Current details and rules for commissions are covered below. Pony commissions are on the cheaper end since they are simpler to draw, but the more you pay the more effort and time I will put into it and the better it will look. I will also accept points for them, which is a new thing for me, so this will be different.
    If you've already made a request, don't worry, it's still free for you and they are about ready. Sorry for the long wait. They SHOULD be up at the earliest Tuesday, and at the latest Saturday. Thank you for your patience, and hope everyone's staying warm and healthy!


    - Sketches = $2 USD or 150 points

    - Lineart = $5 USD or 400 points
    - Flat coloring = $10 USD or 800 points
    - Painted (No/Simple Background) = $18 USD or 1500 points
    - Painted (Detailed Background) = $25 USD or 2000 points

    - Sketches = $10 USD

    - Lineart = $15 USD
    - Flat coloring = $20 USD
    - Painted (No/Simple Background) = $30 USD
    - Painted (Detailed Background) = $40 USD


% - Oil paints and canvas are not cheap, hence prices in this section are high starting out, whether it is of a character, pet, yourself, etc. Oil painting is what I majored in during college, and part of the above prices go towards replacing paints when they run out. Another part of the price is shipping (which I will have to determine here soon); if you commission an oil painting from me, IT WILL BE PHYSICALLY SENT TO YOU IN THE MAIL WHEN FINSIHED. This is a physical product that you will be able to hold and hang on your wall, rather than a digital image to put on your computer. I'll edit the above when I figure out how much that will cost. OIL PAINTINGS I CAN ONLY SHIP WITHIN THE UNITED STATES; sorry, I cannot do international shipping. The last part of the price will be canvas size. The larger it is, the longer it takes and the more expensive it will be to ship.


- No more than 1-2 characters/subjects per person, please, and backgrounds will be based on the subject/character/pony.

- Currently, I do not do reference sheets for characters.

- Starting out, I will allow no more than 10 slots every month. I currently have plenty of time but do not wish to tire myself out too quickly. This may be subject to change at any time. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE!

- If you wish to commission me, please send me a note with your reference of the character, person, pony, or pet you would like drawn, along with the type of commission you would like. I will then send you a total price quote (I will only assign slots if you accept the price quote given; there's a reason to my madness, trust me). If you are alright with the price, I will assign you a slot and I will request payment.

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Nothing like getting hit with the flu in the middle of working on things. I was bedridden and sleeping on meds for the first half of the week. Feeling a bit better right now, and plan on trying to get finished requests up by Sunday.
Most are in the finishing stage now, meaning line and color work are being done. A couple are still in the sketching phase, mainly because the subject is different and I'm making sure I've got it where I want it. I can post the unfinished sketches of the finishing ones at any time if anyone would like me to; that way you can see it before and after color work. Please be patient in the meantime.

1. WubcakeVA ---------- sketching
2. MlGRAlNE --------- finishing
3. PotatoScum ------- finishing
4. Little-BluBlu ------------- sketching
5. Mini-Feru ------------ finishing
6. TsukinoUsako ------- finishing
7. FMAandYGO5dsgirl -- finishing
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I have suddenly found myself with A LOT of pony requests coming in lately. ^w^' I'm thinking of doing slotted requests once a month for pony OCs, or any other small things that come up. As I've been in a real slump artistically, lately, I'm more than happy to do these requests since they help get the creative juices flowing again! I just don't want to get too overloaded. So, I'll be posting a list here of who has signed up for a request, 1. for personal reference, and 2. so you guys know about what stage your requests are at.

1. WubcakeVA ---------- sketching
2. MlGRAlNE --------- sketching
3. PotatoScum ------- sketching
4. Little-BluBlu ------------- sketching
5. Mini-Feru ------------ refs received
6. TsukinoUsako ------- refs received
7. FMAandYGO5dsgirl -- refs received

*Please understand that, unless I've already given you a time, the requests will be done when they are done. I will update the list as requests come in and as art is finished.

I also do art trades, if anyone's interested, and I'm debating on doing commissions. I'll be making examples for these commissions soon so as to give you guys an idea of what I can do, and what they will cost, but we'll get into that more later. I'd like to hear your thoughts on commissions so I have an idea of what I'd like to do.