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So it seems there are a lot of changes taking place right now, in my life personally and in others' lives as well.

    Let's get some of the negative out of the way, first.

    On one side of things, Cartoonjunkie's making some very sudden changes and it's left a lot of us confused and hurt. Now, I want to be clear here: ALTHOUGH I do love Septiplier (clearly), the fact that she has decided to stop drawing it is NOT what concerns me about her sudden turn around. When I followed her, I followed her for her art style as a whole and for her general attitude about things, not because she drew something I liked, especially since when I started following her almost 3 months ago I didn't even like Septiplier. So Septiplier is not the problem here. The issue is her sudden change in attitude. With the way she announced everything yesterday, it came off as she was just gonna stop drawing the things she enjoys all together. She dropped all this on her fans in such a way that we were all starting to fear for her health or thought she might've been hacked. It's a sudden 180* turn with no real explanation in sight. Granted, there's nothing that says she owes us one...
    As of today, however, she's like a completely different person. She's angry and bitter, and is taking some of it out on her followers. She's also taking everything she's established down and claiming she's tired of not being herself. Which begs the question: was she never up front with us from the start then? Is she suffering from depression? Is this truly the real CJ; was the version we came to know and love really just a mask she put on every day?
    She made a sudden change in a matter of two hours, going from talking about Dark and Anti to suddenly just being "done." If she's really been changing over time, then you'd think the matter would've been handled a little differently, rather than bringing everything to a brutal halt. I understand people change, and quite often have to, but it's usually not an overnight change.
    Whatever she wants to do, I won't question it further, but I do know that, personally, the last thing I need in my life is more negativity. Especially from someone I used to look up to. I usually can handle a lot of things, but I fell into medical depression last year because of everything that happened last year in my life and due to the constant remarks from my in-laws. I just got out of it a couple months ago, and I don't need more of it in my life. I'll miss the positive, happy, Jack-loving CJ, but I can't afford to dwell on what she's become. We've all gotta move forward, even if it hurts.

    Now on to the positive!

    On the other hand, there's been some positive shifts in my life, personally. My husband got hired for a job he's currently working and might be able to actually move on to a better one here soon. Granted, it still sucks that I haven't been hired by anybody, but at the same time, being a mother is a full-time job and I can rarely get the grandparents to watch my daughter for a couple hours, let alone for whole days while I work (this is mainly because the in-laws are always gone when I need them, usually for physical therapy or wedding planning for a friend, and my own parents both work and are busy. And no, we cannot afford nor do we trust a babysitting service of any kind).What THIS means is that we may be able to look into moving out of here soon and getting our own place again. FINALLY! No more cynical in-laws trying to tell us how to live our lives, how to raise our daughter, telling me how my degrees (the years I spent in college and the money spent on those classes) were a waste of time. We'll be able to actually live our own lives for the first time in over a year! It's exciting! Now granted, it'll probably still be 6 months before we move, but 6 months is better than a whole other year.

    I've also set up a work desk in our room so I can FINALLY start working on stuff for my shop during my daughter's naps. Which means I'll also be able to start selling some of my art and creations again! Which also means that my dragons will soon be back on Etsy, which I know some people really took interest in when I started selling them back in the December of 2013.
    I'll also be able to sit and draw more often since now I won't be sitting on my bed trying to draw and resist passing out. Might even be able to paint some new oil paintings! A lots gonna happen now that I have that desk up, so watch out!
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